he use of a comfortable and simple anti-snoring appliance while sleeping, can improve the quality of your rest, and have important health benefits. In the medium to long term it can also prevent the development of serious illnesses such as heart problems.
These appliances help to position your jaw properly and keep your upper airway clear, without preventing your natural mouth movement.

What is an anti-snoring device?

It’s a small apparatus which can be easily adjusted to fit you comfortably, and it’s very easy to get used to wearing it. You put it in yourself when you go to bed and you can remove it in the morning.
It improves the passage of air by keeping your tongue gently in place. It prevents snoring, improves relaxation and as a result you feel more active during the day.


Are anti-snoring devices effective for everyone?

The system we use at our clinic is effective for light to moderate snorers. If your snoring is more severe, we will refer you to your doctor for assessment of the right type of device for you.

How effective is this system?

Snoring is completely eliminated in the large majority of cases.

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