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At Borràs dental we start each patient with a thorough preliminary examination and diagnosis. We then proceed to outline a detailed treatment plan.

We will provide you with a full treatment proposal which is also costed and you can consider it at your own leisure. When you decide to proceed with the plan, we can then agree a programme of visits with you to suit your complete convenience.

Feel free to visit our clinic and get to know the treatments we offer and you can take advantage to ask us any questions you may have:

Conservative dentistry:

  • Fillings and treatment of dental caries (tooth decay)


  • Root canal treatment

Permanent conventional prostheses

  • Porcelain crowns

Permanent prostheses over implants

Removable prostheses (for cases where permanent ones are not possible).

Tooth protectors and guards: These are becoming more important nowadays because of increased stress levels in many patients.Tooth guards protect the chewing mechanism and related muscles. This also helps to relax the jaw muscles and prevents cramps and headaches


How often should you have your teeth checked?

In general once a year is enough. Children and patients who are more susceptible to tooth decay should attend more often.

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